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AG Kokott on Multilingualism

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Given that I already blogged twice in recent weeks about multilingualism, why not make it three? Today, in Italy v. Commission, AG Kokott sided with the Italians and told the Commission to redo their homework. Just because a job requires excellent knowledge of one of the three working languages does not mean that EPSO gets to […]

Aveugles of the world, unite!

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Encouraged by the smashing success of his Philippicae against the use of English by EU-economists, Jean Quatremer managed to find time in his busy schedule of reporting on the Eurozone crisis to take on the cause of Europe’s blind people. Apparently, “Le Parlement européen n’est pas “friendly” avec les handicapés linguistiques”, because the newly blind-friendly […]

Vraiment, M. Quatremer?

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Once upon a time, when I was young and innocent, I had the opportunity to spend 5 months running around in the Council Legal Service. My director at the time was a brilliant lawyer by the name of Jean-Paul Jacqué (and, the French being the masters of the Legal Services of the Institutions, his boss […]

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